Lund mota aur lamba kaise kare ?

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Mera lund chota aur patla hai baki mere dosto ka mota aur lamba hai....

try this exercise and increase your penis or apne lund ko bada mota kare

A small and weak penis is a problem to men suffering from it. It is a state that can affect your entire being as a man.
Making your penis bigger and stronger is not a big deal as you may think. Right information is the key to everything in life.
Below is the right information on how to make your penis stronger and bigger.

1. Jelqing: This is a natural exercise performed on the penis for the purpose of making it stronger and bigger. With jelqing you don't need to buy anything. All it requires is your hands, determination and time (usually less than 15 minutes a day).
Jelqing works by increasing blood flow in the penis tissues. The more you jelq daily the more new penis tissues will be produced and the more blood will flow to these tissues. The result is a stronger and bigger penis.
Unlike other enlargement methods, the gain achieved through jelqing is permanent. This natural exercise has been used from generations and is backed medically by physician. It is known as a credible way to enlarge your penis safely.

2. Traction Device: This is also known as penis extender. It is a small device that can be worn on your penis for about 2-3 hours a day for the purpose of enlarging and making your penis stronger and bigger.
Extenders work on the principle of traction. That is, when strapped on your penis, it exerts a little force on it. This force exerted has the ability of growing and multiplying your penis tissues and filling them up with more blood.
It has been successfully used by many men around the world to turn small and average-sized penises into bigger and meatier ones.
Unlike jelqing, you don't need to perform enlargement task. You just strapped it on your penis for some few hours a day and within some few weeks you will see a difference on you penis.
For effective result, you can combine jelqing with penis extender. Why is this combination necessary? Reason is that when you jelq, you force blood into you penis and it grows. Unfortunately you can not force so much blood into your penis, and that's when your gains will start to slow down.
By simply wearing penis extender device between your exercise sessions, you will supply a constant traction along your penis which will help the penis to grow and increase the blood capacity of your penis.
With this combination you can force more blood into your penis, speed your gains up and make your penis stronger and bigger for you and your partner.

Whilst there have been medical endorsements and consumer testimonials that argue penis enlargement devices actually help men achieve longer and thicker penis's, this is the FIRST penis enlargement review on TV in the UK of its kind, to really test these manufactures to see whether a penis extension devices actually work.
So in 2009, reporter Tim Shaw whose program "Extreme Male Beauty" features each week on Channel 4, decided to test one of these devices on himself as after he sized himself up against other men, he found he was in fact a little light weight in the trouser department.
To do this he took cast at the beginning so he could be positive any enlargement in length and girth actually took place.
Tim then followed the instruction plan provided by the one of these device manufactures which would best equip him for the most rewarding returns in the space of 2 weeks.
Whilst this reporter doesn't reveal in detail the time he spent each day wearing the device, in his TV series, the final cast of his erect penis had now shown that he had in fact successfully extended it by 1/2 inch, from 7.5 inches erect to 8 inches.

One of the reasons why these manufactures argue that they are the only penis extension device that will deliver results are that they state there clinical trials speak for themselves.
With medical endorsements and forums with over 50,000 members, this might be some potential indication that these penis enlargement devices do in fact deliver.
Much like lifting weights, the only way it is medically possible to extend your penis is through generating penile tissue cell growth.
Unfortunately whilst pills may help increase the blood flow in this region, they won't innate cell growth, and penis pumps also will NOT make your manhood any bigger as no cell growth takes place here either, rather just an increased volume of blood which is sucked into your penis when erect - but when flaccid it will return to normal length.
So if you'd like to get your hands on the particular device that helped Tim Shaw successfully enlarge his penis by 1/2 inch in 2 weeks...




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